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About Remediation at Xalz
Remediation is a form of commercial collections geared to value your clients as your most valuable asset. When you place your clients with Xalz we treat them as "extended clients". We successfully remediate many contract resolutions without leveraging onerous business credit listings and our legal system. When we are able to repair relationships we all win.
There are numerous benefits of resolving debt issues, "behind closed doors in the executive offices" through remediation. We rescue costly vendor / client relationships, while encouraging a vibrant economy. We save money and time as businesses and citizen taxpayers by remediating resolutions prior to court. And we work on a contingency basis!
Contact Xalz about becoming a valuable member of your extended team today and watch as we bolster your bottom line!
Xalz increases your cash flow by successfully, ethically and professionally communicating contractual responsibilities and mediating payment with your clients, while protecting your relationships.
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